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A key aspect in the design of our resources is that they tell a story. They must be relevant to your needs, whilst being creative, well structured and well planned. We're a creative bunch, so we try to place an emphasis on providing visual stimuli in the form of drawings, photos and videos - as well as auditory sound bites, practical elements and more, to appeal to all learners and their individual learning styles.


Some examples of the resources we've developed are below, to give you an idea of content and style. Members will be able to use a selection of free worksheets and resources, while full schemes of work may involve a cost.


For practical reasons, school resources tend to be designed to work with Microsoft Office, though we quite like online programs like Prezi too. The idea being that they can be accessed easily from the school network, without needing new or unfamilar programs.


To keep things vibrant and eye-catching, we like to use high quality imagery and videos - so where possible, we will provide all of our own visual aids, specifically for your unit of study.


We are very keen advocates of Google Earth, GEgraphs, GEPaths as well as Digimap, to help create a sense of place and scale. We try to utilise them in all elements of our resourcing.

Professional, creative and functional resources with practical and engaging activities

Vitual Tours offer an opportunity for prospective clients, partners and visitors to see what is on offer at a given location. It is an ideal way for schools to promote their departments or a field centre to highlight its study sites.


Each tour can be created based on the information and images you want to promote. There is no limit to the number of placemarks you can put on the map. Images and videos can be added as visual stimuli, as well as graphs and data.


All the viewer needs is an internet connection, Google Earth downloaded to their computer and the purpose made KML file.









Once the KML file is opened, you simply click on the icons to find out more. A template version for Dawlish Warren, in its basic format, is available on the right, as well as a template for Teignmouth Community School. N.B. some placemarks are left blank.


...And if you're wondering - its really easy for a web-manager to put a link to your KML file on your website.

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Why not add a virtual tour to your webpage

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We have written a number of enquiry based outlines that are specifically tailored to the national curriculum and our clients' needs. Each enquiry is designed to be engaging, with a series of suggested lessons which contain fieldwork, before tackling an assessment piece.


Each element of each enquiry is carefully considered to provide a well-rounded programme of work, which addresses the key criteria of numeracy, literacy, creativity and oracy. Most resources follow a geographical core with wider curriculum links to Science, English, Mathematics, Citizenship and more.


Enquiry outlines provide a framework for learning with additional materials and resources available if required, to help deliver each aspect of the outline.

Enquiry Outlines and Schemes of Work

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Logical and functional design

At a glance...

We are pleased that we've been able to work with Torquay Museum and Torbay's Geopark to produce some secondary geography and science based outlines, to help link classroom based activities with the museum, as well as with outdoor learning.